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Lovers Guide

Pointing the way to true love

Venus exerts a greater influence than any other planet over your romantic relationships, so focusing on your love life means looking in great detail at the position of Venus relative to everything else in your astrological chart.

What do you look for in a lover? What makes you fall in or out of love? How do you express yourself when you’re in love? All of these questions and more are answered in your Lovers Guide Report. Plus, you get predictions regarding the most auspicious times to meet someone who might be “the one” for you.

Your Lovers Guide Report is divided into two sections:

  • Love Expression: Tells you what the position of Venus in your birth chart means in terms of romance and love, harmony and cooperation.
  • Year Developments: Interprets the movements of Venus relative to the other planets and how they might affect your chances of falling – and staying – in love during a particular time period.

Learn how, when, and where to seek your soul mate

There’s someone out there for everyone– but it’s not always obvious, or easy, to find the one for you. Your Lovers Guide provides insights and forecasts that can help you make sense of your feelings and guide you to a truly satisfying love relationship.