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Natural Timing

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Face fateful events with your best foot forward.

Astrology can reveal so much about your personality and your future. But why look at the two separately? For the most empowering knowledge and control of your own destiny, find out how your personality may affect – and be affected – by big life-changing events. Your Natural Timing provides this deep and intricate level of analysis, combining insights into your character with forecasts about your future.

In your Natural Timing Report, you’ll discover how to maximize the potential of future situations with these personality traits in mind:

  • Vitality and self-expression
  • Emotions and intuition
  • Intelligence and communicative skills
  • Being cooperative in romance and relationships
  • Using your energy, initiative and sexual drive
  • Dealing with sudden and unexpected events
  • Using emotional insight and dealing with escapist tendencies
  • Facing up to major upheavals

Get a heads up on upcoming challenges

Your personality is constantly interacting with the people and events around you to shape and mould your destiny. Use your Natural Timing Report to get a heads up on what life-changing events might be coming up and how you can approach these big changes to maximize your happiness and success.

Be prepared for today, a month from now, and up to a year ahead.

Build the foundation for a better future – today!