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Star Lovers

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Turn up the passion. Adore
each other.

Every lover brings his or her unique set of desires, experiences, and expectations to an intimate relationship. Understanding each other’s most intimate thoughts and feelings is the key to enjoying each other’s company to the fullest.

In your Star Lovers Report, discover each other’s relationship potential, what you require from an intimate partner, how you see and experience each other, the strengths of your relationship, and any possible issues you may want to address. Reading your mutual reports will bring you closer together and significantly deepen the ties between you.

The three sections of the Star Lovers Report include:

  • Love relationships: the qualities each of you seeks in a lover
  • Partnerships: what happens when you shift from a love affair to a more serious relationship
  • Sexual relationships: understanding each other’s sexual needs and how to fulfill them

Get an intimate look at each other for a more fulfilling relationship

Whether it’s just a fling, or a more long-lasting partnership, being intimate with someone requires mutual trust and understanding. But discussing your secret desires may make you feel shy or exposed. The Star Lovers Report is a wonderful way to get over any barriers between you and your partner and to learn about each other in a safe, supportive atmosphere.

Sharing astrological insights about yourselves as sexual partners is the key that will open the door to more honest and revealing conversations, so you can learn how to satisfy and enjoy each other more than ever before.

Enjoy true intimacy!